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Published on May 1st, 2017 | by Cara Gormally


WE DOUBLED DOWN: On Two Moms Making a Baby with IVF

Making this comic was, in some ways, healing. The first part of my pregnancy felt so tenuous. I was grateful but in disbelief. And, I was so tired from the effort it took to get pregnant. Like many people, I’ve found being pregnant has been tough, too (thanks, nausea, heartburn, et al.). Since it took such effort to get there, I felt guilty acknowledging I wasn’t enjoying the experience of being pregnant. Reflecting on this while writing and drawing put this whole journey in a new perspective for me.

While I wish our journey could’ve been easier, I’m glad we went through this, because it’s gotten us here. Our baby is due in a few weeks—and we can’t wait to meet this person.

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About the Author

Cara Gormally

Cara Gormally is an assistant professor of biology at Gallaudet University and doodler of comics. By day, she teaches human biology, botany, and other biology classes, and her research focuses on improving science literacy as well as understanding the role of identity in science teaching and learning. As a result of her insatiable curiosity about the biology of reproduction, she nerds out on all things related to reproductive biology and IVF. She loves drawing comics about the intersection of biology and everyday life. She lives in the DC metro area with her partner, poodle, and an extra-large cat. She’s on Twitter @c_gormally and more comics can be seen at

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