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Meg Lemke is the Editor-in-Chief of MUTHA. She also programs the comics and graphic novels at the Brooklyn Book Festival, acts as a guest editor at Illustrated PEN, and takes on miscellaneous freelance projects in-between. She has worked as a book editor at Teachers College Press at Columbia University, Seven Stories Press and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Her writing has appeared in The Paris ReviewThe Seattle Review, The Atlanta Review, The Good Mother Myth blog, and Seleni, among other publications. She lives with her family in the dense mother-zone of Park Slope, Brooklyn. Find her @meglemke and or read up on her formative years at Lady Collective.



Michelle Tea, Founder, is the author of the memoirs The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America; the award-winning Valencia – now a feature-length film shot by 20 different directors; The Chelsea Whistle and Rent Girl; the poetry collection The Beautiful; and the novel Rose of No Man’s Land. Her most recent books are How to Grow Up, from Penguin/Plume and Girl at the Bottom of the Sea, which follows A Mermaid in Chelsea Creek in the series of YA fantasy books she will write for McSweeney’s.  Tea is founder of RADAR Productions, the queer, feminist literary non-profit that organizes the monthly RADAR Reading Series at the San Francisco Public Library, the annual Radar LAB Writers’ Retreat in Mexico, the international Sister Spit performance tours and the Eli Coppola Memorial Poetry Chapbook Contest, among other projects. She is Editor at Sister Spit Books, an imprint of City Lights. Tea’s column Getting Pregnant With Michelle Tea runs weekly at, and she occasionally writes for for The Believer, The Bold Italic, 7×7 Magazine, Harper’s and San Francisco Magazine. She has edited anthologies on first-person narratives (Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache), the female experience of growing up working class (Without a Net), fashion (It’s So You), queer fiction (Baby, Remember My Name) and Sister Spit (Sister Spit: Rants, Writings and Reminiscence From the Road).

Harris Kornstein (website manager) is a PhD student by day, artist by night, drag queen on the weekends, and works freelance in between supporting artists, non-profits, and small businesses with their design and communications needs.  Learn more:


I’ve been trying to get pregs for about two years now, and along the way I’ve become increasingly obsessed with all things Mom. In pop culture and science. In art and literature and film and television. The ways Moms looked in the 50s and 60s and 70s; the way Moms look now. I’m interested in baby names and maternity clothes and feminist child-rearing and mothering traditions. Punk moms and hippie moms and hip hop moms. Normal moms and weirdo moms, queer moms and straight moms, tiger moms and slacker moms. IVF and IUI and heterosexual fornication and adoption. Ovaries and uteruses and surrogates. Home births and scheduled c-sections.  Bad moms, mommy wars, mommy everything. How people stay creative and vital while raising kids. I want a place online to hang out with all of it, without having pink flowers or digital sprinkles of fairy-baby dust assault my aesthetics. Welcome to MUTHA. ~ Michelle Tea, Founder

UPDATE (2014):

Michelle had a baby! You can read about it, also here.

Meg Lemke is now running and editing the magazine, and all of the MUTHAs make it happen. Thank you, every one. Please share what you read, comment, keep us on our toes and keep it coming.


by Keiler Roberts

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